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PNB House Insurance – Features of “PNB House Protector Plan” Offer

Guide on the PNB House Insurance “House Protector Plan” Features

PNB HOUSE INSURANCE – Here is a guide on the features of the “House Protector Plan” offer of the Philippine National Bank (PNB).

The goal must not only be to acquire a house or any residential property. It is important to consider a secured home for you and your loved ones. This is where a house insurance comes in.

A lot of people may not see its benefits but a house insurance is not just a back-up plan. It is actually a protection for you and your family that you have something to turn to when unexpected things take place.

There are several entities that offer different insurance policies. One of them is the Philippine National Bank or more popularly known as PNB.

PNB House Insurance
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One of the insurance policies offered by the government bank is the PNB House Insurance – the “House Protector Plan”. According to the bank, it offers protection from fire incidents and as well as events caused by the natural calamities.

PNB stated that it is an affordable insurance policy and they do not even require property inspection. The consideration of the bank is that the property is under “Class A” construction or made of concrete hollow blocks with galvanized iron roof.

According to the bank, the coverage of the PNB House Insurance instantly starts as soon as you have paid the premium. You can have the payment debited from your current or your savings account.

To apply for this insurance offer, you may visit the branch of PNB nearest to you. You might also like to check on the other offers of the government bank such as the following:

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