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UnionBank Credit Card Features & Benefits For Credit Card Holders

Guide on UnionBank Credit Card Features & Benefits You’ll Get To Enjoy

UNIONBANK CREDIT CARD FEATURES – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of the credit cards offered by the UnionBank Philippines.

A credit card can be an excellent preparation against unforeseen circumstances. In times of medical emergencies, you can use your card to pay for the hospital bills, purchase what is needed, cope with other expenses, etc.

Truths be told that a lot of negative remarks have surrounded credit cards. It is because a lot of credit card holders were left in debts after a few months. However, it is due to the failure to manage the utilization of the card.

The credit cards were made for the benefits of the holders. To obtain the purpose, you must really be disciplined enough and clear on which things requires its usage. Always check your capacity to pay for a thing in cash before having it swiped on your card.

UnionBank Credit Card Features

UnionBank is one of the banks in the Philippines with several credit card offers. It got cash back cards, travel cards, reward cards, business cards, and a lot more.

There are several UnionBank credit card features and benefits that you can enjoy. Here is a list of them:

UnionBank Credit Card Features & Benefits

  • credit life insurance of up to Php 400,000.00 in case of untimely death or disability
  • exclusive discounts, freebies, and perks in shopping malls, restaurants, and other establishments nationwide
  • earn rewards and convert them stuff and privileges
  • automatic payment of your auto bills through your credit card
  • easy access through the UnionBank Online
  • worry-free installment plans on payments
  • shared access with your family through the supplementary card
  • up to 53 credit days with zero interest
  • ready cash advance facility
  • worldwide acceptance on VISA and Mastercard-accredited establishments
  • secured personal information of credit cardholders
  • 24-hour customer service
  • convenient payment through numerous branches nationwide
  • email statement of account

Do you want to check on the different credit cards offered by UnionBank? You may visit – UNIONBANK CREDIT CARDS – List of Credit Cards Offered by UnionBank.

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