How To Apply for Robinsons Bank Loan for House Construction & Requirements

Guide on How To Apply for Robinsons Bank Loan for House Construction & What You Need to Prepare

HOW TO APPLY FOR ROBINSONS BANK LOAN – You can check the comprehensive guide below in applying for a loan to finance a house constructrion.

The Robinsons Bank is one of the entities that offer a home loan to Filipinos. Its loan offer serves several purposes such as the financing of the following:

  • buying a house and lot
  • purchasing a vacant residential lot
  • buying a condominium unit
  • buying a townhouse
  • constructing a house
  • renovating a home
  • refinancing or taking out an existing loan
  • for home equity
How To Apply for Robinsons Bank Loan for House Construction
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How to apply for Robinsons Bank loan for house construction? There are both qualifications and documentary requirements in applying for the loan offer. To qualify for the loan offer, borrower must be:

  • at least 21 years old upon the loan application
  • not more than 65 years old upon the loan maturity
  • (If foreigner) having an appropriate Alien Certificate of Registration

If you pass the qualifications, it’s time to proceed to the preparation of the requirements for the housing loan application. Here are the specific documents that are required by the bank for application:

General Requirements:

  • Duly filled-out and signed Robinsons Bank Housing Loan Application form
  • At least 1 Government Issued ID
  • Marriage Contract ( if applicable )

Income Documents:

  • If locally employed…
    • Latest Copy of Certificate of Employment indicating salary, position, and length of employment
    • Latest Payslips
  • If self-employed…
    • ITR for the last three (3) years
    • Audited Financial Statements for the past three (3) years
    • Business Registration Documents (DTI, Mayor’s permit, etc)
    • PRC ID (For Professionals)
  • If anoverseas Filipino worker (OFW)…
    • Latest employment contract of employment
    • Latest Working Visa
    • Latest Payslips or remittance slips
    • Special Power of Attorney (Bank Format)
    • Consularized copy may be required if issued abroad

How much you may borrow under this loan offer? You may visit – Robinsons Bank Housing Loan: Minimum and Maximum Loanable Amounts.

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