How to Cash In GCash in 7 Eleven

Guide on How to Cash In GCash in 7 Eleven (Over-the-Counter)

HOW TO CASH IN GCASH IN 7 ELEVEN – Here is a guide on how to cash in to your virtual wallet account in 7/11.

Are you one of those people who just set up his or her GCash account and wants to avail its benefits? With this virtual wallet app, you can go shopping or dining with your family and friends without bringing cash with you. There are a lot of department stores and restaurants where GCash payments are accepted now.

Also, you can use the money you kept in your GCash account in paying for purchases you did online or simply transferring an amount to a family member, friend, or someone you made a transaction with. You can transfer money in less than five (5) minutes and the receiver can get it right away.

How to Cash In GCash in 7 Eleven

What most GCash account holders do is make sure they cash in a good amount in their account which they could use in paying or transferring money. The Cash In can be done over-the-counter in several partner stores and well as through banks.

Convenience store 7 Eleven is one of those that offer cash in services for GCash account holders. It is through their CliQQ kiosk.

How to Cash In GCash in 7 Eleven

Step 1 – Go to a 7 Eleven store nearest to you or where you want to make a cash in and head to the CliQQ kiosk.

Step 2 – On the CliQQ kiosk, tap “e-money”.

Step 3 – Type the amount you want to cash in to your GCash account. Tap “Confirm” once you are done and wait for the printed receipt.

Step 4 – Get the receipt and present to the cashier and pay for the amount. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS upon a successful cash in transaction.

With regards to the fees, you may visit – GCash Fees: Guide on the Charges for Cash In, Cash Out.

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