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GSIS FUNERAL BENEFIT – How Much Family of GSIS Member May Receive

Guide on the GSIS Funeral Benefit Amount that Family of Deceased Member May Get

GSIS FUNERAL BENEFIT – Here is a guide on how much the family of a deceased member may get from the Government Service Insurance System.

Members of the Government Service Insurance System remit a certain portion of their monthly salary as savings to GSIS. The monthly savings depend on the salary of the member.

If you are a member of this social insurance institution, you may be entitled to the benefits it offers. It got different benefits like the unemployment benefit and the separation benefit.

The GSIS benefits do not only cover the member while he or she is alive. The social insurance institution may also extend assistance to the member’s family in case of death.

GSIS Funeral Benefit

Under the GSIS Funeral Benefit, the family of the deceased member of the social insurance institution will receive Php 30,000.00. The following may get the cash assistance based on priorities:

  • Legitimate spouse
  • Legitimate child who spent for the burial of the deceased member
  • Any person with proof of spending for the burial of the deceased member

There are requirements in applying for the GSIS Funeral Benefit. According to the GSIS, here is a list of what the family member of the deceased must prepare and submit:

  • Death Certificate of the deceased member from the National Statistic Office (NSO) – Original Copy
  • Two valid identification cards (IDs)
  • Marriage Contract from NSO (Original Copy)
  • Birth Certificate of the claimant (Original Copy and Certified by NSO)

Aside from the GSIS benefits, the social insurance institution also got different loan offers for the members. You may visit – GSIS LOANS: List of GSIS Loan Offers Members Can Apply For.

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