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GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit – Who Are Considered Beneficiaries

Guide on GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit Beneficiary Categories

GSIS EMPLOYEES COMPENSATION BENEFIT – Here is a guide on who are considered as beneficiaries under this benefit.

Many Filipinos are members of the Government Service Insurance System. More commonly called as GSIS, most of its members are employees of the government and the public sector.

Every month, the members remit a part of their salary to GSIS as savings in the social insurance institution. This will enable them to avail the agency’s benefits and loan offers depending on their eligibility for it.

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When you are an employee, another good thing about being a GSIS member is that there is a benefit which is “purely employer-based contribution”. It is the GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit.

GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit

Under the said GSIS benefit, a member-employee who obtained injury, sickness, or death that is work-related may receive financial assistance from the social insurance institution.

In the case of death, the beneficiaries of a GSIS member may obtained cash assistance under the GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit. Who are the beneficiaries?

The beneficiaries are categorized between primary and category. Here are the classifications:

  • Primary
    • Legitimate spouse until the spouse remarries
    • Dependent children below 18 years old
      • Legitimate children
      • Adopted children
      • Illegitimate children
      • More than 18 years old but incapable of self-support due to physical or mental defect
  • Secondary
    • Dependent parents
    • Legitimate descendants

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