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SSS PENSION – List of Information You’ll Need To Compute It Online

Guide in Computing the SSS Pension Online – The Information You Must Prepare

SSS PENSION – Here is a short list of the information that you will need in computing your estimated retirement benefit online.

Are you a member of the Social Security System or more commonly called as SSS? Most people working in private companies and sectors are members of this social insurance institution.

An SSS membership is one excellent preparation for the unforeseen circumstances and for the future as well. It has several benefits and loan offers for its members.

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SSS Pension

If you are an SSS member with an updated account, you may turn to the social insurance institution in times of unemployment, sickness, pregnancy, and others. Aside from it, in times of emergency, members may also be eligible to apply for loans.

With regards to the SSS benefits, one benefit that most members are looking forward to is the SSS Retirement Benefit. It is more commonly called as SSS Pension.

A member who retired from work and has reached the set number of contribution may be granted with the retirement benefit. The member will receive a certain amount monthly depending on his or her contribution to the social insurance institution.

Now, you can compute your estimated SSS Pension online. Before that, you must first prepare the following information that you will need:

  • Date of Birth
  • Month & Year Started as an SSS Member
  • Monthly Salary / Earning

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