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SSS Maternity Benefit: How Much You May Get if Caesarian Section Delivery

Details about SSS Maternity Benefit for Pregnant / Female Members

SSS MATERNITY BENEFIT – Here is a guide on how much you may get under this Social Security System (SSS) benefit if Caesarian Section delivery.

If one of the biggest milestones in the life of a woman is giving birth. Most women really keep this experience in mind and it affects all the factors around – emotions, physical changes, finances, etc. With regards to finances, a pregnant woman may need to stop working for a while most especially if the pregnancy is delicate.

In some cases most especially if it is not the first time of the woman to give birth and the pregnancy is okay, a pregnant woman decides to stop working at least a month before her due date for childbirth. The expenses are usually aided by a maternity benefit.

If you are a member of the Social Security System, it is one of the social insurance institutions that you can turn to for maternity benefit.

SSS Maternity Benefit

The maternity benefit offer of the Social Security System is a daily cash allowance given to a pregnant member of the social insurance institution who is unable to work:

  • due to childbirth
  • miscarriage
  • emergency termination of the pregnancy

To apply for the said grant, the member-applicant must give notification of the pregnancy through the employer. How much you may get under the SSS Maternity Benefit if the childbirth is through a Caesarian Section delivery?

A CS section is undeniably more costly than a normal childbirth delivery. With regards to the amount under the said offer, it is equivalent to the member’s Average Daily Salary Credit multiplied by 105 days. If your ADSC is P600.00, you can get up to P63,000.00 under the maternity benefit offer.

For the complete list of qualifications under the said SSS offer, you may visit – SSS Maternity Benefit: Who Are Qualified To Apply for this Benefit.

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