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SSS Maternity Benefit: How Much You May Get For Normal Childbirth Delivery

SSS Maternity Benefit Amount Guide

SSS MATERNITY BENEFIT – Here is a guide on how much you may get under the maternity benefit offer of the Social Security System in case of normal childbirth delivery.

One of the experiences that are common among women only is getting pregnant and carrying a baby for up to nine (9) months before giving birth. Usually, in pregnancy cases that are not very sensitive or for pregnant women who are bearing not their first child, these women continue to work until a month before their due date.

After giving birth, most mothers do not return to work right away as they are the ones attending to the newborn. Thus, financial assistance would really be a big help most especially for single mothers.

There are several social insurance institutions in the Philippines that have offers for their pregnant members. One of these is the Social Security System.

SSS Maternity Benefit
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Pregnant members of the Social Security System may apply for the SSS Maternity Benefit. It is a daily cash allowance extended to female members who are unable to report to work because they gave birth. It is also extended to female members who were not able to work because of miscarriage or emergency termination of the pregnancy.

Beginning 2020, the said benefit offer may reach up to P70,000.00. How much may a pregnant member of the Social Security System really get under the SSS Maternity Benefit? There is actually a computation for it and the amount is on a case-to-case basis.

For normal childbirth delivery, the formula is the “Average Daily Salary Credit multiplied to 105 days”. For example, if your ADSC is P640.00, your maternity benefit is P67,200.00.

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