Autosweep RFID — How To Register & the Requirements You Must Comply with

Guide on Autosweep RFID Registration & Installation

AUTOSWEEP RFID – Here is a guide on how to register and the requirements that you must comply with for smooth expressway passing.

Among the best options for a faster travel when you are in Metro Manila is to take the expressways. Truth be told that heavy traffic in the Metro, which is usual, can get you stuck from several minutes to hours. Through the expressways, you can avoid the long queus of cars.

Autosweep RFID Expressways
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However, it is also important to note that there are fees in passing the expressways — just like the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX toll fee and the Cavite-Laguna Expressway or the Calax toll fee. You can go for a cashless payment when you register to the Autosweep RFID.

Autosweep RFID
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The Autosweep RFID can be used in expressways that are under the San Miguel Corporation. You can simply present the card in passing by any of the following expressways:

  • South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)
  • Metro Manila Skyway System
  • NAIA Expressway (NAIAX)
  • Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway
  • Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX)
  • Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX)

To register for an Autosweep RFID, you don’t need to pay as the stickers are given free. You just have to comply with the documentary requirements as well as the initial load requirement set depending on the type of car you want to register.

  • Step 1 — Download and print the ATG subscription form. You can obtain it online from the Autosweep RFID website.
  • Step 2 — Fill out the form by providing your full name; date of enrollment; mobile number; email address; vehicle maker, model, color, year, and plate number; and signature.
  • Step 3 — Go to an RFID station and submit your form.
  • Step 4 — Comply with the loan requirement. There is no fee in registering. You just have to comply with the load requirement depending on the vehicle you wish to register.

For Class 1 vehicles which include jeepneys, cars, pick ups, vans, and motorcycles, you must have a minimum load of P200. Meanwhile, the load is consumable for toll fees.

For Class 2 vehicles which include buses and light trucks and Class 3 vehicles which include large trucks with or without trailers must have at least P1,000 load.

  • Step 5 — Proceed with the RFID installation. You can install an Autosweep RFID at any of the following:

Metro Manila Skyway

  • Nichols Alpha NB Exit Toll Gate
  • Runway NB Toll Plaza
  • Robinsons Galleria Ortigas
  • C5 RFID Center SB
  • Petron Diego Silang (C5 NB)
  • Petron Boni Serrano
  • Petron Square La Vista (Katipunan)
  • Petron Commerce Avenue
  • Petron Dasmarinas Village (Arnaiz Makati)
  • Shell Magallanes
  • Buendia NB Entry Plaza
  • Quirino NB Exit Plaza 
  • Nagtahan NB Entry and NB/SB Exit Toll Plaza
  • Plaza Dilao SB Entry Plaza
  • Quezon Avenue NB Entry/Exit and SB Entry Plaza
  • G. Araneta NB Entry Plaza 
  • Del Monte NB/SB Plaza A and B

South Luzon Express (SLEX)

  • Southwoods RFID Center SB
  • Sta. Rosa RFID Center SB
  • Ayala Greenfield RFID Center SB
  • Eton Northbound
  • Petron KM 44 
  • Calamba RFID Center NB
  • Calamba Bravo
  • Petron San Pedro
  • Shell Mamplasan
  • Shell Putatan
  • Caltex MCX
  • Mamplasan Northbound and Southbound (after entry)
  • Susana Heights
  • Soldier Hills Skyway Extension

Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR)

  • Star Toll Lipa RFID Center
  • Batangas Toll Plaza Entry Drive Thru
  • Petron Lipa STAR
  • Petron Ibaan
  • Petron Malvar
  • Lipa NB Toll Plaza (before entry)
  • Sto. Tomas NB Toll Plaza (after exit)

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Expressway or (NAIAX)

  • NAIAX Main Bravo Northbound Exit Toll Plaza
  • NAIAX Main Alpha

Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX)

  • Urdaneta Toll Gate
  • TPLEX RFID Center
  • Pura Toll Gate
  • Petron Pura NB/SB
  • Rosario Toll Gate
  • Tarlac Main Toll Gate
  • Victoria Toll Gate
  • Carmen Toll Gate

You must get a card which you will use for cashless payments everytime you pass by the expressways under the Miguel Corporation (SMC).

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