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BANK HOME LOANS – List of Home Loan Offers & How Much You Can Borrow

Guide on Bank Home Loans You May Apply For & How Much You Can Borrow Under Each

BANK HOME LOANS – Here is a list of the home loan offers of the different banks in the Philippines and as well as guide on how much you can borrow per offer.

Nowadays, more and more banks are into helping people achieve big goals in life. Undeniably, these big goals refer to getting a house you can call your own and a car that is really yours.

Banks help in making these possible with their loan offers. If you want to buy your own car and enjoy its benefits while paying for it in installment or staggered basis, you may apply for an auto loan. Most auto loan offers are open to assist the purchase of a brand new car and as well as a pre-owned one.

If you are into buying a house you can call your own, or even just a lot where you plan to construct your dream house, you may go for a home loan. Bank home loans are usually open for several purposes such as the following:

  • purchasing of a vacant lot
  • buying a house and lot
  • buying a condominium unit
  • purchasing a townhouse
  • constructing a house
  • renovating your home

In this article, we will list down the different bank home loans that you may apply for. Also, you may visit the links to check on how much you can borrow under a certain offer.


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