Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 — How To Apply & the Requirements

Guide on Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 Application Process

ROBINSONS BANK HOME LOAN 2023 – For aspiring borrowers, here is a guide on how to apply and the requirements you must prepare.

The Robinsons Bank probably has the financial solution that you are looking for in your pursuit to acquire a residential property, construct a house, or renovate your home. It actually has multiple loan offers.

Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 — How To Apply
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For the aforementioned purposes, the appropriate loan is the Home Loan offer of the bank. It is open not only for locally-employed and self-employed individuals but as well as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

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The loan offer of Robinsons Bank is actually ready to finance several purposes. You may apply for it to fund any of the following projects:

  • acquisition of residential properties such as the following:
    • vacant lot
    • house and lot
    • condominium unit
    • townhouse
  • house construction
  • home renovation
  • refinancing/home loan take-out
  • home equity loan

The loanable amount under the Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 differs between properties developed by accredited developers and those that were under non-accredited developers.

With regards to the interest rates under the Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 offer, it depends on the loan term chosen. The maximum loan term that locally-employed individuals are allowed to have is 20 years.

OFWs and self-employed individuals are allowed to a 15-year maximum repayment. There is an easy process on how to apply for the Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 offer:

The Robinsons Bank has set eligibility requirements under its loan offer. To qualify, the borrower must be:

  • 21 years old and above upon the time of loan application
  • 65 years old and below upon the end of the loan term
  • Filipino or foreign citizen
    • If foreigner, must have appropriate Alien Certificate of Registration
  • employed or self-employed with a stable source of income

Like in almost all types of loans, there are requirements for Robinsons Bank Home Loan 2023 application. These include personal requirements of the borrower and the collateral documents needed depending on the purpose of loan application:

For Accredited Developers

  • Latest Statement of Account
  • Reservation Agreement or Contract to Sell

For Non-Accredited Developers

  • Photocopy of the Title
  • Tax Declaration on land and improvement
  • Lot Plan Vicinity Map certified by a Geodetic Engineer
  • Appraisal Fee

If you are applying for a house construction, you need to submit the Building Plans, Specification and Floor Plans as well as the Bill of Materials. For refinancing purpose, here are the additional requirements:

  • Latest statement of account for mortgagee bank/institution
  • Latest history of payments

Prepare all the documents needed. An application lacking of a documentary requirement may not be accepted by the bank.

Visit a branch of the Robinsons Bank nearest to the property. Submit your documents and wait for an update from the bank regarding the result of your loan application.

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