SSS LOANS & GSIS LOANS – Guide on Full List of Loan Offers for Members

List of SSS Loans & GSIS Loans Members May Apply For

SSS LOANS, GSIS LOANS – Here is a guide on the full list of loan offers for the qualified members of the SSS and GSIS.

In the Philippines, the two biggest state-run social insurance institutions are the Government Service Insurance System, popularly known as GSIS, and the Social Security System or SSS.

The members of the GSIS are mostly employees in the government and public offices while most of the employees working in the private sector are members of the SSS. There are both SSS loans and GSIS loans for the respective members of each institution.

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There are general requirements in availing the loan offers of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). To be eligible for the loan offer, the member-borrower must at least be:

  • an active permanent or non-permanent member of the social insurance institution
  • not having a pending case for six(6) months before the loan application
  • without pay during the leave of absence (LOA)
  • having a gross salary that meets the minimum amount mandated under the General Appropriations Act which is Php 15,000.00

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Like the GSIS, the Social Security System has also set main qualifications in applying for the SSS loans. To qualify for the loan offers to the active members of the state-run social insurance institutions who have updated accounts, the member-borrower must be:

  • an active member who has paid at least 36 monthly contributions to the social insurance institution
  • working on an employer who is updated with the posting of the monthly contributions
  • a recipient of a final benefit like permanent disability benefit or retirement based on the article
  • below 65 years old
  • accused of fraudulent activities against the SSS

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