GSIS CASH LOAN: Here’s How Much Members w/ 5 Years Savings May Borrow

Guide on GSIS Cash Loan Loanable Amount for Members with 20 Months Savings

GSIS CASH LOAN – Below is a guide about the borrowing limits available to Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) members who have made contributions for a five (5) years under this loan program.

Several GSIS members have the chance to access loans offered by the state-owned social insurance agency. One of the available loan choices is the Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus.

The GSIS Enhanced Conso Loan Plus functions as a flexible cash loan. Detailed information about this loan offer can be found below.

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The Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus program offered by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) combines various loans into a unified package, eliminating penalties and surcharges, which will be waived under this program.

The following loans will be included in this consolidation:

  • Salary Loan
  • Restructured Salary Loan
  • Enhanced Salary Loan
  • Emergency Loan Assistance
  • Summer One-Month Salary Loan

Under the GSIS cash loan offer mentioned, those who have made premium contributions for at least five years are eligible to borrow a maximum loan amount equal to 7 months’ worth of their Basic Monthly Salary, or 7 times their Basic Monthly Salary. The loan duration can be extended up to a maximum of 10 years.

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